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Welcome to Ghost Tours of Cedarburg!

Stay tuned for 2014 Tour Information!

Ghost Tour
Our signature ghost tour is about 45-60 minute candle-lit walk through historic downtown Cedarburg. The tour covers just about 1 mile of flat-surface walking. On this tour your will only hear stories of the paranormal sort including hauntings in popular restaurants, two home hauntings and a mill haunting.
*No new stories have been added since last year's tour*

Death in the Burg
About an hour in length, this tour features stories from the darker part of Cedarburg's past. You'll hear tales of murder, suicide, prostitution as well as gruesome medical stories and bits of bizarre history. This tour covers approximately 1 mile of flat-surface walking.

Feel free to bring along ghost hunting equipment as long as it does not disrupt the tour. There are several Smartphone applications for EMF (Electromagnetic Field) detectors if you so choose to download one for the tour.

All tours require reservations at least 3 hours in advance.
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